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Afghanistan: Kunduz - Both Afghans and Foreign Fighters must be Protected as Prisoners

On 16 November 2001, the organisation sent an urgent communication to Afghanistan's United Front military commanders, reminding them of their obligations to protect civilians, and ensure humanitarian treatment of any combatants who have surrendered, laid down their arms, been captured, wounded or otherwise incapacitated. All persons, whether Afghan or foreign, who have ceased to take an active part in the hostilities for any reason must be treated humanely.

Amnesty International also directly contacted governments who are supporting the United Front forces - including the USA and the UK - expressing concern at the potential for human rights abuses, and calling on them to use their influence with their allies to ensure international humanitarian law is upheld, and those responsible for breaches of this law will be held accountable.

International humanitarian law does not discriminate between Afghan and foreign forces, and Amnesty International calls on all parties to the conflict to respect its provisions, which will ensure respect for fundamental human rights.

For more information on Amnesty International's concerns please visit our crisis pages.

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