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We are in the process of consulting with our membership on Amnesty's future. This page is for groups and individual members of Amnesty to help shape our future worldwide.

About this consultation

Our next overarching strategy will shape our work and priorities. It will run from 2016 to 2019.

We are very keen to have the views and input of our members. We'd like you to tell us the human rights themes and issues we should be considering and why.

We would also like you to suggest what we should focus on internally so that as a global movement we can support and connect our existing members while growing - engaging and empowering as many people as possible around the world to promote and protect human rights.
We are consulting with our membership in three phases:

  1. Phase one: April - May 2014
    We looked at the ‘big picture’ of global human rights change and where (and how) Amnesty International should contribute to it. We ran an online survey to collect the views of activists and members in the UK
  2. Phase two: September - October 2014
    We consulted on the first draft of our proposed strategic goals, getting feedback on issues that you think Amnesty should prioritise. We ran a global online survey to get feedback from Amnesty members around the world. We also ran a series of workshop events to hear from activists around the UK in person.
  3. Phase three: January - May 2015
    There will be a further consultation between January and May of next year on a second draft of the goals.


We held a number of regional events around the UK for Amnesty activists and members to feed back on the proposals. Thank you to all who came.

York - 4 October at York University

Glasgow - 6 October at IET: The Teacher Building

Manchester - 7 October at St Thomas' Conference Centre

Cambridge - 9 October at the Friends Meeting House on Jesus Lane

Bristol - 14 October at Armada House

London - 14 October at Amnesty UK offices

Plymouth - Due to be held on 18 October, this event was cancelled