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Here is a list of entries shortlisted for the 2013 Media Awards.

Digital Innovation

Life without papers: Life without papers blog
Len Grant

No go Britain: A social media-led investigation into public transport for disabled people in the year of the Paralympics - Channel 4 
Kate Ansell, Anna Doble, Katie Razzall, Jennifer Rigby, Louise Turner, Cara Berkley

One Iranian lawyer’s fight to save juveniles from execution - The Guardian
Maggie O’Kane, Sherbet, Fonic, Guy Grandjean

Judges: Liz Hazleton, Sunny Hundal, Owen Jones, Jody Thompson, Mary Whittaker


Call me Kuchu - Lindy Hop Pictures LLC
Malika Zouhali-Worrall, Katherine Fairfax Wright

Kashmir’s torture trail - True Vision for Channel 4
Jezza Neumann, Adrian Levy

Sri Lanka’s killing fields: War crimes unpunished - ITN Productions for Channel 4
Jon Snow, Callum Macrae, Chris Shaw

Judges: Steven Barnett, Homa Khaleeli, James Rogan, Alison Rooper, Emma Shore

Gaby Rado Memorial Award

A stand in the Sinai | Egypt: Land mine victims | Egypt: Sexual attacks against women protestors - CNN International
Ian Lee

Slavery’s last stronghold - CNN International
Edythe McNamee

Syrian girls ‘sold’ into forced marriages | Syria’s desperate refugees now living in caves on the side of cliffs | Aleppo executions: 79 bodies pulled from Syria river - The Telegraph
Ruth Sherlock

Judges: Mike Blakemore, Deborah Haynes, Jon Manel, Tom Rado, Jon Snow

International Television and Radio

Syria: Songs of defiance - Al Jazeera
Anonymous Reporter, Yasir Khan, Diarmuid Jeffreys

The marriage breakers of Bangladesh - BBC World News
Angus Crawford, Mark Perrow, Hanna Shams Ahmed, Tony Smith

The secret drone war - Panorama/ BBC World TV
Jane Corbin, Tom Giles, Matthew Hill, Shad Khan

Judges: Mark Galloway, Phil Harding, Flora Hunter, Naresh Puri, Thomas Schultz-Jagow

Magazines - Consumer

Facts have blood as evidence | The virus of censorship | Meet the 50-cent party - New Statesman
Ai Weiwei, Cheng Yizhong

Seven days in Syria - Granta
Janine di Giovanni

Judges: Hannah Lack, Maggie Paterson, Lisa Smosarski, Emma Tucker

Magazines - Newspaper Supplements

How did Neville Husband get away with the horrific abuse of teenagers in his care? - Guardian Weekend
Eric Allison, Simon Hattenstone

The day I saw 248 girls suffering genital mutilation - Observer Magazine
Abigail Haworth

Judges: Hannah Lack, Maggie Paterson, Lisa Smosarski, Emma Tucker

National Newspapers

We heard screaming 20 hours a day | Worse than war: Inside city of death | Millions starve as Assad plays the hunger game - The Times
Anthony Loyd

Greek police send crime victims to Neo-Nazi ‘protectors’ | Greeks take an axe to the forests to stave off a bitter winter | ‘My job is to tell the truth’ - The Guardian
Helena Smith

India’s lost boys plucked from the hands of the slave traders - The Observer
Gethin Chamberlain

Judges: Jamie Grierson, Helen Lewis, Maggie Paterson, Michelle Stanistreet, Joel Taylor

Nations and Regions

Illegal immigration in Staffordshire - BBC Radio Stoke
Rob Adcock, Stuart George, Lahra Tyndall, Gary Andrews

Where termites have more to eat than toddlers - The Sunday Herald
David Pratt

Witchcraft: Congo to London - ITV News London
Ronke Phillips

Judges: Ian Cobain, Patrick Corrigan, Marc Mallett, Bethan Williams, Ruth Wishart


A long walk - Saturday Telegraph Magazine
Shannon Jensen

Crying Meri: Violence against women in Papua New Guinea - No Borders Magazine
Vlad Sokhin

Goodbye my Chechnya - The Sunday Times
Diana Markosian

Judges: Stuart Freedman, Susan Glen, Maggie Paterson, Kelly Preedy, Fiona Rogers


Face the facts: ‘Wed-locked’ - BBC Radio 4
Carolyn Atkinson, John Waite, Andrew Smith

No country for old women - BBC World Service
Kati Whitaker, David Prest

Russia: Waiting for justice - BBC World Service
Rebecca Kesby, Dina Newman, Bridget Harney

Judges: Jane Anderson, Andrew Bailey, Mike Blakemore, Anna Doble, Ronke Phillips

Student Award

Forgotten brides: Life after forced marriage - The Student, University of Edinburgh newspaper
Lauren Wilks

Russia: Get rich or die trying - Redbrick, University of Birmingham newspaper
Clara Maciver

‘A visitor in my homeland’ - Gair Rhydd, Cardiff University newspaper
Shruti Kedia

Judges: Vicky Baars, Daisy Baldwin, Ursula Kenny, Tracey McVeigh, Kem Sawyer, Hannah Shaw, Matthew Tennant

Television News

Burma’s forgotten people - Channel 4 News
John Sparks, Matt Jasper

Rape in detention in Syria - BBC News
Fergal Keane, Maxine Collins, Jacky Martens, Riham al Baqaeen

South Africa: Marikana massacre - Channel 4 News
Inigo Gilmore, Thapelo Lekgowa, Teresa Smith, Joe McAllister

Judges: Mark Austin, Mike Blakemore, Huw Edwards, Nevine Mabro, Tim Miller