Marinel Ubaldo

Fighting to save a community hit by climate crisis

Marinel Sumook Ubaldo was 16 when she faced the devastating impact of climate change at first hand. On 13 November 2013, Typhoon Yolanda, one of the most powerful on record, destroyed her village, Matarinao, in Eastern Samar province. The typhoon killed 6,300 people in the Philippines and millions lost their homes.

‘The government response was inadequate,’ Marinel says: the relocation sites lacked basic services such as water and electricity, and there were only limited opportunities for people to earn a living. As a result, many families returned to their original homes, even though they are in dangerous areas.

Since the typhoon, Marinel has become a leading youth activist, dedicated to ensuring governments around the world confront climate change and its impact on communities like Matarinao.

‘I want world leaders to commit to minimising the emission of greenhouse gases. I want them to help vulnerable countries, such as my own, adapt to the unavoidable effects of climate change.’ 
Marinel Sumook Ubaldo

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Marinel Ulbaldo, 
C/O Amnesty International,
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Marinel, we stand with you in your fight for your community.

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Marinel would love to hear how your community is helping to protect the environment.

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Send an appeal letter

Tell the government to provide the residents of Matarinao, Eastern Samar, with decent living conditions.

Write to:

President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte
Malacañang Complex
J.P. Laurel Street
San Miguel
Manila 1005

Salutation: Dear President


  1. To provide residents of Matarinao, Salcedo, Eastern Samar and other vulnerable areas with water, electricity, safe and adequate housing, and employment opportunities
  2. To ensure the rights of people living in vulnerable communities are respected and upheld, especially in times of disaster.
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