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AIUK is committed to providing a working environment and working practices that enable our people to be the best version of themselves at work; and which are consistent with our mission as a human rights organisation. We believe that harnessing the benefits of both working at home and working at AIUK premises will enable us to do that.

Our hybrid values are:


We trust and expect colleagues to act professionally and reasonably in choosing the blend of work location that will best facilitate your productivity and performance.

Health and safety

Your health and safety are our highest priority as your employer.

Equality, diversity, and inclusion

We recognise that our employees all have different backgrounds, personal circumstances, perspectives, working styles, preferences, and needs; and we believe that this diversity makes us stronger as an organisation.

Disability rights

We specifically recognise the societal structures and attitudes that exclude disabled people, and we want to dismantle the barriers in our working practices that may hold disabled colleagues back.

Work-life balance

We all have the right to enjoy our home, family, and personal lives outside of Amnesty, and to be able to take care of those who depend on us.

Community & Work force cohesion

We believe that a strong and cohesive organisational community is powerful in sustaining these relationships and in supporting individual mental health. We recognise the value of our physical premises in engendering community spirit and a sense of collective identity.

Expectations for working at contracted placed of work 

  • Colleagues must come into your contracted place of work for any parts of their job which cannot reasonably be performed from elsewhere. This might include training and spending time with your manager or team during your induction
  • At a minimum, if you share the same contracted place of work, you must have an in-person meeting with your line manager (and with each of your line reports if you are a manager) once a month (pro-rata for part-time colleagues). This will normally be a one-to-one meeting, but could be a small group meeting, depending on the needs of your team.
  • At a minimum, if you are based in the same location as the rest of your team, you must be present in person at a full team or department meeting at least once a quarter (pro-rata for part-time colleagues).