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You'll need to plan how to keep up interest after your first meeting. Here's our tips on how.

Other meetings

  • If there are newcomers make them feel welcome. Remember to introduce yourself and briefly explain the purpose of Amnesty and your group
  • Change the content of your meetings to retain interest
  • Arrange talks, show DVDs, hold discussions, organise creative actions
  • Use our monthly mailings to help you plan your meetings
  • Ask if people want to take turns in chairing meetings
  • Try not to let meetings over run
  • Ask for feedback on meetings

Tips for meetings

Planning an event

Get people interested and involved straight away by planning for an event or campaign action.

Run a brainstorm session in small groups

  • Split people into groups of 2-3
  • Give them 5-10 minutes to come up withideas for your chosen event/action
  • Ask each group for their ideas or, if you’re short of time, their best idea
  • Write up ideas on a whiteboard as you go
  • With the whole group decide on which idea(s) are best. Be realistic!

Create a plan

What - List all the things that need to be done to make your event a reality

When - Draw up a large calendar with weeks and days marked

Discuss - when each task needs to be done and write up on calendar

Who - Ask for volunteers for each task. Have regular catch-ups so that you can make sure plans are progressing

Download how to keep up interest in your youth group guide