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Speakers in 2020

  • 12th Feb:     Maya Esslemont from After Exploitation will be speaking about modern day slavery.
  • 11th March: Tom Davies from the Amnesty I Welcome campaign.
  • 8th April:      Our group AGM.
  • 13th May:    Oscar Jenz from the Amnesty Gulf States team, covering specifically UAE and Iran.
  • 10th June:   Discussing AIUK resolutions. The AGM is 20-21 June, and we are planning to submit a resolution about Syria.
  • 8th July:      No speaker as this meeting is usually low numbers, but happy to have a discussion about this.
  • 9th Sept:     Jerry Allen or someone else from the Amnesty South Asia team.
  • 14th Oct:     Ian Myson who is our Amnesty regional rep for the South Midlands.
  • 11th Nov:    Garry Ettle from the Amnesty team covering Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories (IOPT).
  • 9th Dec:      No speaker as it's our Christmas mini-social.