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We live in a world where one in three women have suffered physical or sexual violence. It doesn’t have to be this way. Together we can end the discrimination of women and girls everywhere.

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Imagine being told you can’t go to school. Being forced to marry someone three times your age. Not being able to make choices about your own body. It’s unacceptable, but this is what many women face today. As you read this, women everywhere still face abuse and discrimination just because of their gender. We stand with brave women and girls around the world - and together we’ve achieved amazing things. With your support we can continue winning the fight for equality everywhere. All donations go to support Amnesty International UK Section Charitable Trust.

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£5 could help girls to claim their rights and put an end to FGM and child marriage

£10 could help support brave women’s rights activists who face violence and imprisonment.

£15 could help fund campaigns to pressure governments into reviewing laws that discriminate women and protect their abusers.

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