Older people are left behind in Ukraine. Donate now.

On 24th February 2022, the Russian forces started their full-scale invasion of Ukraine. In two years, at least 27,000 civilians in Ukraine have been injured or killed. While media attention on Ukraine is far less intense, Amnesty International investigators have uncovered heartbreaking story after heartbreaking story from older people who have not been able to leave.

“Everything I had, burned. I am homeless, with nothing and nowhere to go.”, Tetiana, 66 years old

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Many older people have been unable to flee their homes, even as conflict rages around them. They may not be physically able to flee, or they may be reluctant to leave the only valuable asset they own. So  they’ve stayed in heavily damaged homes, often without heating, electricity, water or public transport nearby. A disproportionate number of older people have been killed and injured. 

Together, we must let those left behind know that they are not alone. The people of Ukraine are incredibly resilient. But they need people like you to be with them and keep hope alive. Please start a monthly donation today. Thank you.

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£5 could help Amnesty International investigators expose how older people’s rights are being abused in Ukraine and around the world.

£8 could help us campaign for change alongside older people and other vulnerable groups whose rights are being denied.

£10 could help support our demand for a UN convention that enshrines protections for older people.

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