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31-year-old Loujain al-Hathloul was arrested in May 2018 for bravely challenging a ban on women driving Saudi Arabia.

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The driving ban was overturned in June 2018, but Loujain still faces a long prison sentence. She has been tortured, sexually abused and held in solitary confinement since her arrest. Can you help campaign for Loujain’s freedom by donating today? Your support could help get Loujain out of al-Ha’ir prison and back to her family and friends. All donations go to support Amnesty International UK Section Charitable Trust.

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£3 could help mobilise people around the world to demand Loujain’s freedom

£5 could help gather evidence of human rights violations faced by Loujain and others like her

£8 could help call on the Saudi Arabian authorities to stop imprisoning peaceful women’s rights activists

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