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You can educate a child about their rights!

Amnesty International UK has been supporting human rights education for over 25 years. We've reached tens of thousands of students in the UK alone.

Your donation could help teach human rights to children and young people in the UK and other parts of the world.

Knowledge is key. Join us in ensuring that all children can know and claim their rights.

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Ignorance of rights puts children and young people at greater risk of abuse, discrimination and exploitation.  

Through human rights education, children can feel empowered about their rights and develop the skills and attitudes that promote equality, dignity and respect in their community. 

All donations go to support Amnesty International UK Section Charitable Trust. 

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one off donation

£3 Could help us develop human rights respecting resources for teachers and schools in the UK

£5 Could help us provide training and mentoring for teachers to help them inspire their students about human rights in the UK

£10 Could help us provide an online course through Amnesty International’s Human Rights Academy, helping develop the skills needed to campaign for human rights and allow young people aged 14+ to speak out, claim and enjoy their rights

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