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What small indulgences do you treat yourself to on a regular basis? Can you do without one of them for a week - a month - a year, even?

Set yourself a challenge and give up something you enjoy for human rights. Your small challenge can show solidarity with those denied basic rights on a daily basis - and raise vital funds for our human rights work around the globe.

'I can’t recommend enough taking a look at your life and then imagining it without something you enjoy or something you can’t imagine being without.
It’s humbling and really makes you appreciate all the freedoms you have.'
Julia Hardy gave up alcohol for a year

Five steps to planning your challenge

What can you quit?

It can be anything you enjoy and would find it hard to live without. Have a think about your day-to-day luxuries: alcohol, chocolate, coffee, smoking, TV, facebook, ready meals etc…

How long for?

The choice is yours! How long will make it a real challenge? A month, a year, anything in between?

How much can you contribute to human rights?

Set yourself a fundraising target.

Set up a Just Giving page

It's an easy way for contacts to donate online - plus you can pay in your funds raised offline to keep the total up to date. And you can claim Gift Aid on it. See our quick guide to setting up a Just Giving page

How to keep your donors in the loop

Let your sponsors know how your challenge is going - and encourage more contacts to donate in the process. As long as you haven't given up social media, platforms like Facebook or Twitter are handy for this. You can also update your progress on Just Giving, or if you're feeling creative you could set up a blog.

Three ways you could feel the benefit

Your health could improve

All of us are guilty of overindulging in something - a break from booze, biscuits or social media could treat your physical or mental health instead.

Challenging yourself is rewarding

Often the most satisfying part of this experience is finding out that you didn’t need alcohol or coffee to function in the first place!

It feels great to help defend human rights!

Your challenge will raise awareness of our work, and you will contribute directly to our research and campaign work to defend basic freedoms around the world.

Inspiration to get you started

Julie's alcohol-free year

'It really makes you appreciate all the freedoms you have. There are places where that isn’t the case and that’s what Amnesty is here for.'

Julia Hardy cut out booze for a year and raised over £5,000 for human rights in the process. Julia posted her video diary of the experience on youtube.

Fancy supporting Julia? Donate on her Just Giving page.

50+ Amnesty members give it up for the month of May

Over 50 Amnesty members at our April AGM took up our challenge to give something up for the month of May.
We were amazed by the variety of vices people pledged to go without: cigarettes, alcohol and chocolate featured prominently but there were some less obvious choices like wheat and biscuits.

Get in touch

If you want to make a pledge of your own or have questions about how to get started, get in touch!
Phone: 020 7033 1777