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Help free Yasaman

Yasaman is a 24-year-old women’s rights activist serving nine years in prison.

She was sentenced after a video went viral of her peacefully protesting against Iran’s laws forcing women to wear the veil.

She was charged with inciting ‘corruption and prostitution’ and faced intense interrogation, solitary confinement and abuse.

Now she faces further threat. The severe outbreak of coronavirus in Iran puts Yasaman’s health and safety at risk.

Will you help us put pressure on the Iranian authorities to release her immediately?

You could help ensure her freedom and safety.

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Our fight for 
 women's rights

Whether it’s protecting female campaigners from violence and harassment or fighting for abortion reform – Amnesty International stand up for women’s rights, wherever they’re denied. 

Over the years, our campaigning has helped change sexist laws and free thousands of unjustly imprisoned women. 

Amnesty International is a global movement of 7 million people and together, we have the power to defend human rights and stand with those whose rights are being denied.

We investigate and expose human rights abuses. We lobby governments and inspire people to campaign for change. And we succeed – but we can’t do it without you. Will you make a monthly Direct Debit gift to Amnesty International UK and help stand up for the rights of women everywhere?

All donations go to support Amnesty International UK Section Charitable Trust.

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