The world must hear 
 the Knifar women

Two thousand brave women in north-East Nigeria have a story to tell – and they need the world to hear it.

First they were attacked by Boko Haram. Living in fear of their children being abducted, or their loved ones being killed.

The Nigerian military was sent to help but instead of protecting their people, they began burning villages and forcing communities to leave their homes. They unlawfully detained men and sent women and children to live in internally displaced persons camps where women have been subjected to rape and starvation.

Now the Knifar women are fighting for justice and for their husbands, sons and fathers to be released from unlawful detention.

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The situation

The Knifar women are survivors who have organised to demand justice and be reunited with their families.

'The soldiers said they would give us a secure place to stay. But they betrayed us. They detained our husbands and they raped us.'
Yakura (name changed to protect her identity)

Yakura and thousands more have survived many violations of their human rights. The Nigerian military to account and bring an end to this abuse of human rights, once and for all.

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Please stand with the Knifar women and for humanity.

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