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One million people. 

Imagine being taken away from your home and family. Not being able to communicate with them. Getting locked up indefinitely. Getting tortured. All because of your beliefs or ethnicity. It’s happening in China’s Xinjiang region as you read this – up to a million people have already been taken.

The Chinese government is attempting to wipe out religious beliefs and enforce loyalty to the Communist Party. They are targeting Muslim minorities, locking people up and torturing them in secret ‘re-education’ camps. Those who fight back or fail to show enough ‘progress’, face starvation, solitary confinement and beatings.

If we act together, we can expose the truth and help free innocent people detained and tortured just for who they are.

You can do one simple thing to help bring about change: become part of our movement of 7 million people fighting to end human rights violations in China and across the world.

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How you
can help 

We investigate and gather testimonies to uncover human rights abuses like those happening in China. We then analyse and expose this evidence to the world.

It’s proven to make change happen. For example, our research into the war crimes committed against innocent people in Syria led to international arrest warrants being issued for senior Syrian officials. Our researchers have gathered testimonies from the families of those detained in China and released detailed reports that helped get this story into the news. 

With you, we have the power to bring about change.

Become part of our movement of over 7 million ordinary people from around the world standing up for human rights.

People power works. Our movement has helped change hundreds of laws, secured the release of thousands of people who have been unjustly imprisoned, and protected the rights of millions of people around the world. 

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