Zahra Jabari, a woman prisoner in danger of ill-health

According to reports by human rights activists in iran, prisoner of conscious, Ms Zahra Jabari is suffering from heart problems and acute rheumatism and is hardly able to walk without aid. Medical authorities in prison have refused to treat her on the grounds that they lack proper facilities and the Evin interrogators have refused her transfer to a medical centre where she can receive proper care which her family have undertaken to pay.

Zahra Jabari, 36 married with a child was arrested on 17 September and taken to solitary in Evin. She was tortured so badly that one of her finger-nails fell. The interrogators were pressing her to 'confess' and have even refused her family bring her fresh clothes or any visitation. She is still wearing the same clothes she was wearing 6 months ago when arrested. Ms Jabari appeared at the revolutionary counrt  28 on 12 March, handcuffed. Her family members were not allowed to be present. She was expected to be questioned by Mohammed Moghiseh also known as Naserian who was a member of the Commission which approved the massacre of 1988 political prisoners. The 'judge' did not show up and the court was delayed without a set date for the next time.  Ms jabari's atorney managed to get hold of her file and said there was nothing in the file except that Ms jabari's brother and sister reside in Camp Ashraf in Iraq, where the anti-government group, Mojahedin Khalq live. This prisoner has been badly tortured and has spent long time in solitary and with her medical condition worsening  and her life in danger her family and human rights activists urge the international community to raise their voices against the brutal treatment of political prisoners in Iran especially Ms Jabari and many others like her.


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