We will go to the cemetry

On the anniversary of the murder of Sohrab Arabi, her bereaved mother, Parvin Fahimi lit some candles at the window in their home to remember her son. A son who was killed a year this day. The authorities attacked her house and smashed the windows to put out the candles! How coward can the Iranian regime be of depriving a mother to lit a candle to remember her son.

Ms Fahimi  looked for Sohrab for three weeks all around town. The authorities knew of Sohrab's death from day one but let the poor woman search for him relentlessly all that time. Finally she was led to her son, with a bullet in his body three weeks earlier. Yesterday, Ms Fahimi was shouting from the depth of her heart cursing those who could not even stand a simple candle lit in Sohrab's memory. She told the world that she is going to the cemetry today, along with the families of two other murdered youth to commemorate their loved ones.  

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