Waiting to be stoned to death.

Sakineh Mohameddi Ashtiani a prisoner at one of Tabriz prisons in the north-west Iran is on the verge of being stoned to death. In 2006 she confessed to being the lover to the two men who murdered her husband. She later withdrew her statement in front of the judge and told that it was taken under special circumstances. Despite that she was sentenced to 99 lashes which she received and was released from prison. She was once again detained and tried and sentenced to stoning to death for the same alleged crime.

In an interview with Rooz online, her lawyer, Mohammed Mostafaie reiterated that there are many flaws in her case. Two out of five judges have shown doubt in the case while the verdict must be unanimous. Besides, according to the Islamic Shariat law, 4 unbiased witnesses must testify to the case of adultery who in this case there are non. Sakineh has pleaded for a pardon on two occasions and has been refused. She does not have a plaintiff and her two children have testified to their mother’s innocence but that has all been ignored. Mr Mostafaie affirms that in some cities the judges’ decisions are biased due to cultural beliefs. The fact that in her file Sakineh has confessed to having out of marriage relations (though she has taken back her statement) plays a major role in the judgement.

Unless urgent action is taken to save Sakineh from death by the worse method, the world will once again witness the barbaric act of stoning some one to death in a country that killing people has become more of a pastime for her judiciary system than seeking justice.  

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