Nasrin Sorudeh, human rights lawyer on dry hunger strike

Nasrin is the mother of two young children. She is the defence lawyer to many juvenilles on death row. She has been in detention for committing no crfime in a country where criminals are free and honest lawyers are in jail. In opposition to her unlawful detention she went on hunger strike once before and broke it after a worldwide appeal to her.

A week ago when she heard from her sister on a short visit (her husband has not been allowed visitations) that her case has gone to court without her being informed. In objection to such a decision and the ill-treatment of the prison authorities, she once again went on hunger strike and this time, on dry hunger strike and her situation is deteroiting rapidly.

The following video which was made by the Feminist School (an Iraninan wone web site) shows her husband speaking of her.



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