Nasrges Mohammedi out of jail but straight to hospital!

Narges Mohammedi, journalist and human rights campaigner who worked with Shirin Ebadi in Tehran and managed Ebadi's offices of human rights centre after she left the country, was detained in her home on the evening of  10 June 2010 in front of her three year old twin son and taken to the Evin prison straigthaway. As a result of widespread campaign she was released on bail. While at home she began having fits and parts of her body were paralysed. She is now in hospital fighting for her life and the doctors have yet to find out what really happened to her in prison to make her so ill.

Recently, a number of prisoners have been taken ill with internal problems of kidney, intestine and other severe illnesses. The simplest explanation can be the poor diet and lack of vitamines and stress. Conspiracy theories suggest the prisoners might be given lethal doses of chemicals which are not traceable but can, over a period of time have serious effects on the prisoners' health. If such theories prove to be true then the Islamic republic can easliy exterminate potential opponents without leaving a trace.

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