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Map of Gaps: Showing up a lack of services for women in Britain who experience violence

Although charities such as Womankind, Refuge and the End Violence Against Women coalition (EVAW) have done a lot to raise awareness of violence against women, the new report ‘Map of Gaps’ by EVAW and the Equality and Human Rights Commission indicates that there is still a distinct lack of services for women who suffer violence.

In fact, over 100 (one in four) local authorities in Britain have no specialised support services whatsoever- with ethnic minority women being especially poorly served.

The Commission has announced that it will target over 100 local authorities with the threat of legal action over this lack – and you can do your bit, too.  Simply go to EVAW’s new website Map of Gaps, find out about services in your area and take action by emailing your local MP.

The presentation of this lack of services as a Map of Gaps creates quite a detailed visual image of how women suffering violence fare across Britain – although quite eerie if you live in one of the most underfunded areas, such as the east of England.

It’s great to see the internet being used to such powerful effect, as maps are so accessible, giving a quick overview of a situation – and it seems that I’m not the only one who has come to this realisation, as some of you have even been using the map format to report local snow conditions.

On that note, let’s take inspiration from this map mania and come up with a map of our own;  What do you think we could map ‘live’? All answers on a postcard … or even better, as a comment on this here blog. Let us know what you think we could map out, and remember, points mean prizes!

Find out more on the Map of Gaps report:

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