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It's official - we've made a visible impact in Parliament!

UPDATE: We are still monitoring the success of the pilot project that the government has started for 3 months. The project should be ended at the end of February and we can already see some points where we will need you to follow up with more lobbying. So watch this space for more campaigning action on No Recourse to Public Funds.

Mass lobby at Parliament, November 2009 © Simone Novotny

Mass lobby at Parliament, November 2009 © Simone Novotny

We’ve just had a look at the monthly NFP Synergy report which tracks MP recognition of Amnesty issues. This gave us a clue about the recognition amongst MPs of the No Recourse to Public Funds campaign.

After our mass lobby at Parliament last November where we met with 65 MPs:

25% of MPs asked for the report were definitely aware of  the issue of No Recourse to Public Funds campaign
25% of MPs have had a letter from a constituent
25% of MPs have in turn written to the Minister

All this hopefully means that all MPs contacted by Amnesty have taken action.

For a campaign on quite a specialist issue this is already a success – and this is thanks to YOU!

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