Islamic Republic Gift to Iranian Women on Women Day!

According to Human Rights Agency (RAHANA), a large number of women were  detained and taken into custody on the International Women's Day!

A large number of women took to the streets of Tehran follwing a statement by a number of women's rights activists and political parties which urged women to actively participate in the celebrations by gathering on the streets and  demanding their rights and also the release of the presidential candidates, Mousavi & Karubi  and their wives, Zahra Rahnavard and Fatemeh Karubi.  

According to the agency, around 6 Pm a large crowd of women gathered in downtown Tehran (Eskandari & Navab Streets) but were taken away by security forces. The forces used abusive language while forcing the women into minibuses and security vans. 

Also, in around 5 PM, a bus full of women left from Ronaki street for an disclosed destination. The security forces guided women into narrow streets and then detained them. Detentions have also occured in other parts of Tehran. The whereabouts of these women is yet to be known.

In another disturbig report from the notorious Rajai Shahr prison, women political prisoners have been transferred into common wards where they are in danger of assault and rape by prisoners. These women are reported to be frightened to even use the baths in fear of rape. Prison authorities have yet to respond to the calls from human rights organisations and families to take political prisoners out of criminal wards.

In one occasion, father of Shabnam Madadzadeh, a student activist who is serving a 6 year prison term spoke of his grave concern about the life and safety of his daughter in Rajaie Shahr prison.

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