Families of hunger strike political prisoners reach out to the world

The wife of one of the political prisoners wrote in an email "why the world has forgotten us?"

A number of political prisoners have gone on hunger strike to protest against the worsening conditions at ward 350 of the notorious Evin prison. The ward is dirty, hot and inhabitable; the food is not suitable for consumption and above all, the behaviour of the prison authorities has forced the prisoners who comprise writers, journalists, human rights activists and students to go on hunger strike.

The condition of some of them is alarmingly dangerous. Peyman Karimi needs insulin for his diabities. Koohyar Goodarzi, a bright human rights student who had been kept for over 7 months has not been allowed to contact his family. Koohyar's mother is desparately waiting for the court to sit and decide on her only son's fate who had committed no crime but writing about the abuse of human rights of others. Bahman Amuie told his wife of the dire conditions and the visit was cut short as they took him away shouting the facts for the world to hear and act.

The political situation is Iran might seem to have calmed down but a volcano sits under the rocks which will erupt any moment. Let's hope that on eruption it does not burn and bury the guilty and the innocent.


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