Concern about Mahboobeh Karami's ill-health

Mahboubeh Karami, member of One Million Signature Campaign was arrested last year in Tehran and kept in solitary for 200 days. Mahboobeh had not committed any crime. Her only crime is being member of the Campaign. Last year, when her mother was daying she was in prison and despite her pleas she could not be at her mother's death-bed. Before imprisonment she was caring for her father who is suffering from parkinsons and azheimer diseases. He is not aware that Mahboubeh is in prison and often asks about her whereabouts.

Mahboubeh's brother has written an open letter to the General Attorney, pleading with him to release Mahboubeh as she is gravely ill and the prison athorities deny her treatment as they do with other prisoners. He is pleading with him to let his sister out because there is no one to care for their father. Mahboubeh's brother is pleading with the judicial authorities at a time that they have turned deaf and dumb against all mistreatment of prisoners in Evin, Gowhar Dasht and other prisons and do not react or reply to any of the pleas made by families whose loved one are kept in horendous conditions for months if not years.

Judicial authorities in Iran have long lost their independence as stated in the constitution of the Islamic Republic. They are under the influence of the government which itself is under control of revolutionary guards and secret police and security services of Iran.  Families of the political prisoners are constantly threatened to keep silent about their loved ones as that might even make their situation worse. In all cases however, families have preferred to speak out and let the world know how the worse crimes against humanity are committed in the name of Islam in a country that declares itself 'Islamic' and urgers other islamic countries to follow its example. An example of brutality, sheer inhumanity and total denial of any human right be it their foes or even their friends when their interests come into question.

Mahboubeh Karami is one of the victims of the state's brutality against its own nationals.

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