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Who's keeping score?

Englands Twenty20 match against Zimbabwe today may well be a nail biter given yesterdays upset when Zim beat the Aussies in their warm-up match. I dont think anyone saw that coming.


One thing about Zimbabwe you cant miss however is the fact that the majority of men, women and children in that country are suffering from chronic hunger, drastic inflation and brutal human rights abuses including poor housing and for those who dare to criticise the state arbitrary detention and police beatings.


Sue Lloyd-Roberts writes in todays Daily Telegraph about how the food shortage situation is so chronic in Zimbabwe that families have to beg for scraps to eat. She also writes how the funeral industry is the only booming business in the country where on average women die when theyre 34 and men at 37. Try to catch Sues piece on tonights Newsnight.


One group of Zimbabweans who know all too well about being locked up for days and weeks without charge is Women of Zimbabwe Arise group (WOZA). As these activists still dare to speak out against the unfolding crisis in Zimbabwe, they still get attacked. Amnesty continues to campaign to stop the brutal rights violations taking place in Zimbabwe. Add your voice.


One story that hasnt as yet been given sufficient media attention is the case of the Jena Six.



Six black students in Louisiana have been charged with attempted murder and conspiracy after racial slurs and taunts led to school fight in which a white student was beaten. The six black students face up to 100 years in prison without parole.  Amnestys written to the authorities with concerns that these charges are unfair and that they symbolise a wider concern which is the local unequal treatment of races.

I feel as though I've been transported back 50 years as I read about this unbelievable really.


And finally spare a thought for the Palestinian activist who was refused a meeting with Middle East special envoy, Tony Blair. Mr Blair had invited Mr Raji Sourani to a meeting but Israeli officials refused Mr Souranis request. Is it just me or can anyone else detect a level of irony in that?


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