UN-yielding aggression

The unrest across Ivory Coast may no longer dominate news headlines across the UK – in fact Tunisia’s unrest appears to be the ‘foreign news story of the day’ – but the  Ivorian crisis is far from over.  Just a few days ago, Amnesty warned that Ivory Coast may see its worst wave of violence so far.  And today reports of an attack on an UN vehicle are only confirming that.  It seems the focus of Gbagbo’s supporters has shifted. 

Despite calls on parties from Amnesty and other human rights organisation to ensure that civilians aren’t caught in the crossfire, the UN’s worrying announcement that nearly 250 people have been killed since the election sends a chilling signal.

There’s no sign as yet of the crisis abating but Amnesty is continuing to monitor developments and will continue to urge all sides to respect human rights.
It’s concerning when the mediators are caught up in the very violence that are aiming to prevent.


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