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Time for a change?

So Fidel Castro has hinted that he may soon step down from the leadership in Cuba to make room for the younger generation. Should that happen, lets hope that a new leadership would guarantee the full respect of human rights for the people of that country.


Just last week, Cubas Foreign Affairs Minister seemed to indicate that we could perhaps see a significant change of course as he promised to sign two key human rights treaties which would promote and defend civil and political rights.  But it appears as though these words of commitment are not being proven through actions as just a couple of weeks ago, several people were arrested because of their peaceful protests against the government.  This is definitely one to watch I think.


Heres another for you: Tasers. I know weve been flagging it up a lot in our blogs lately but it really is incredible how practically each week theres a new shocking story (pardon the pun!) on how they are used.  You may have seen or heard the story of the man from north London who said he was shocked eight times by police officers as he was coming out of his car.


Daniel Sylvester said it was like being tortured. Amnesty International has often said that in some countries, similar electro-shock weapons are considered the torturers tool of choice because they leave no visible mark but the impact is severe.


Tasers are not to be used in the same vein as any other piece of police equipment, they are extremely dangerous and potentially lethal weapons. Daniel Sylvester has lived to tell his tale. The Polish man in Vancouver airport who weve seen on YouTube sadly has not.  More caution required with Tasers, please Home Secretary.


Well til the next time!

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