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Swedish values?

More unbelievably grisly news from Iraq today (when isnt there?), this time about a young boy found next to the bodies of his five brothers, all of whom had been killed while doing a painting job at a hospital.

I feel almost sorry to bring this up. But Iraqs horrors seem unending and we should at least discuss them.

Anyway, people in Iraq have understandably been fleeing the violence in massive numbers. Its still not getting the attention it deserves, but listen to the 7.30 clip from this mornings Today programme where they talk about the biggest movement of people in the Middle Easts modern history.

Jordan alone has taken in 800,000 Iraqi refugees. Thats the equivalent of eight million people coming to the UK. And, theres a small town in Sweden thats taken in more Iraqi refugees than the entire United States!

Amnesty International wrote to the Home Secretary Jacqui Smith yesterday to say the UKs got to do more about Iraqi refugees. At least, as we said, help the Iraqis who have put their lives at risk by acting as interpreters for our troops there.

A couple of us in the office are recently back from holidays in Sweden, so I guess were feeling well-disposed toward the indie-band-loving, English-speaking, reindeer-ridden place. But come on - if Sweden can do it why cant Britain?

And back to other unpleasant news. Iran has been conducting public hangings this week. Over 150 people have been executed in Iran so far this year.

Take action on the case of two Iranian Kurdish journalists facing execution for being at enmity with god. Theres a blog and YouTube appeal from one of the mens brother. He lives in Sheffield and desperately needs help for his brother.

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