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Signed, sealed, delivered... and now we wait

So – the deal has been done. The papers have been signed.

President Robert Mugabe has signed the historic power-sharing deal on stage with Zimbabwe’s new Prime Minister – Morgan Tsvangirai and leader of the breakaway opposition party, Arthur Mutambara who also agreed the new deal.

It wasn’t long though before President Mugabe’s true thoughts about Prime Minister Tsvangirai and the MDC ricocheted throughout the auditorium.

While today is certainly momentous, mainly for the millions of Zimbabweans – living both in and out of the country, and indeed across the region of southern Africa, one cannot forget the dreadful images of brutality and torture we witnessed in that country not so long ago.  I hope that the people of Zimbabwe don’t have to endure that again. 

Last week, Amnesty said that any peace deal made should not cloud any judgement process; it should not result in human rights abusers getting away unpunished for their acts and it should not stop victims getting full reparations.

One can only wait with bated breath to find out what this new power-sharing deal really means for the people of Zimbabwe.

Let’s hope that it provides the first step in stability and restoration that the country so desperately needs.

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