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Mandela, Gandhi, Fry, Hobnobs and Earl Grey Time for Tea

The news you’ve all been waiting for is in… the results of the AMNESTEA ‘DREAM TEA PARTY’ OPINION POLL!

For some reason the BBC news channel hasn’t picked up on the story yet, but I imagine that’s just because they want to put together a really big package for the Ten O’Clock News tonight.

It was a close-run race, largely because of the fierce independence of those who commented on this blog or in our Twitter and Facebook communities – ie no-one wanted to say the same as anyone else – but the winners are…

Stephen Fry, Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi !

Well done guys. You would be the guests of honour at the ‘Dream tea party’ of Amnesty’s online supporters. Quite an accolade. Now if someone is good with Photoshop we make quite a picture…

Other popular choices include:

-Martin Luther King,
-Maya Angelou
-Barack Obama
-Aung San Suu Kyi
-Jesus Christ
-David Mitchell
-Winston Churchill
-the Dalai Lama
-Dita Von Tease

An impromptu (and unlikely) supergroup was formed by Joe Strummer, Jimi Hendrix, Elvis and Bono, who all received honourable mentions from respondents.

The Great Biscuit Debate was perhaps even more fraught. Even our morning meeting today was interrupted by a lengthy(ish) discussion of the relative merits of various biccies and their propensity to collapse under extreme dunking conditions. But Chocolate Hobnobs won the day, closely followed by Custard Creams and Party Rings. LOTS of people said they’d bake their own, which bodes well for any AMNESTEA parties that they might want to hold – please make sure you send me an invite! And do check out to find out more about throwing your own AMNESTEA tea party.

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