How much longer will this go on?

For weeks now Amnesty has been saying that the state-sponsored violence in Zimbabwe is reaching crisis point.  Last night’s news that 12 people had been found tortured to death has taken this situation to a whole new level.

As we’ve heard this week, the families of opposition leaders were being tortured and killed, and in general the violence seems to be continuing unabated.

Thankfully African leaders have publicly condemned the attacks that have taken place and questioned the fairness of next week’s elections.

And the EU is threatening further sanctions as we read in the Guardian today

It’s a complete understatement to say that the situation in Zimbabwe is bad at the moment. But words truly defy the reality of the horrors that some people are facing in parts of the country.

As well as the violence in certain areas, the suspension of food aid, and the spiralling economic inflation are impacting dreadfully on the general population. 

There needs to be an end to this catastrophic situation.  President Mugabe and his government need to stamp out this state-sponsored violence once and for all, and Zimbabwe’s neighbours need to do more to persuade him to put an end to this dreadful campaign of intimidation.

Surely the people of Zimbabwe can’t take much more of this. 

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