Fair trials or curfews?

Cherie Blairs interview on the Today programme very much skirted the issue of the serious violations of womens rights in Saudi Arabia .  While its great that she has flagged up the fact that womens rights need to be upheld within any religion and culture, it was disappointing that she did not openly condemn Saudi Arabias regime which exercises regular inequality of treatment to women.

Amnesty has documented so many cases of how women have been unfairly treated in Saudi.  One classic example is that of a 34-year-old woman who was forced to divorce her husband by her half-brother , who was her male guardian.

Weve not mentioned them in a while in today there are reports that more than 100 Buddhist monks marched and chanted in northern Burma this morning.  This is reportedly the first time since the government's deadly crackdown last month on pro-democracy demonstrations.

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