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The eyes of the world

Demonstration at the Burmese Embassy in London, 27 September 2007

As though the situation in Burma wasnt miserable enough with several other deaths and much bloodshed - we can now add another name to the very long list of journalists killed in the course of opening the eyes of you, me and everyone else to human rights atrocities around the world.

The International Federation of Journalists, which reported that 2006 had been a year in which killings of reporters and media staff reached historic levels with at least 155 murders, assassinations and unexplained deaths, is concerned for the safety of another journalist in Burma, a German photographer who is reportedly also a victim of a shooting by security forces.

Before I leave the subject of Burma, dont forget to visit our website and send a message to the Burmese authorities, demanding the release of hundreds of peaceful protestors.

Some good news at the end of a sorry week:

The Guardian reports a welcome development for one of the Jena Six the black High School students whose arrests after a white student was beaten sparked a big civil rights protest in their small Louisiana town. The black teenager wont now face adult charges. He will still face trial in a juvenile court but if found guilty can only be held until he turns 21.

Two welcome developments on tasers this week. First, Northern Irelands Chief Constable Hugh Orde announced that there will be no deployment of the stun guns in Northern Ireland until human rights and equality concerns are met. Then, today we hear that the Metropolitan Police has shelved plans to widen the use of tasers after objections were raised by the forces police authority.

Finally, theres been a stay of execution in a US death penalty case. The Governor of Alabama, Bob Riley, said that he had delayed the execution of Thomas D. Arthur because the state plans to change its lethal injection procedure. The execution will then be rescheduled, so the good news is only temporary but look out for Amnestys very hard-hitting report on lethal injection, which is being published next week. Ive had a preview and youll need a strong stomach.

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