Electricity bill a bit high? At least you're not in prison ...

I paid my electricity bill this week and it was steep man!

Like most people, I’ve noticed my meagre wallet wedge shrinking lately even as I go around the flat switching off the lights my (profligate) girlfriend's left on …

According to the Daily Mail's interpretation of OECD figures, not only are energy prices in the UK rising (not so surprising), but they're doing so at a faster rate than in many comparable countries. 

Yet, while we indulge in one of our nation's favourite pastimes – grumbling about bills, spare a thought for three protest leaders in Mexico who've been jailed for contesting electricity charges. Not sent a final demand. Not had their electricty cut off. But sent to jail.

This happened after residents of the state of Campeche in the east of Mexico refused to pay electricrty bills which they claimed were unreasonably high.

In response, the state-affiliated Federal Electricity Company cut off the power supply to their homes. Then, in order to crush the complainants, the authorities arrested three key members of the National Movement Against High Electricity Tariffs in Campeche on fabricated charges relating to hostage-taking.

Despite the fact that a federal appeal court ruled that the allegations were baseless, the protesters are still behind bars.

Amnesty this week announced that it's adopted the three - Guadalupe Borja, Sara López and Joaquín Aguilar – as prisoners of conscience. You can find out more about the case here.

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