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The difference one card can make

I can hardly believe that today is 7 December which means that there are now only 16 Christmas shopping days left. That's slightly concerning for me as so far I have bought neither cards nor a single present!

When I do eventually get around to getting my cards, I'll make sure to send one to one of the people featured in Amnesty's Greetings Cards Campaign. Each year Amnesty encourages people across the UK to send a message of solidarity and hope to one of the 32 people and communities featured in the Campaign.

Some people, like seven prisoners of conscience in Syria, who have been arrested and imprisoned for the political beliefs, while others – such as Sonia Pierre in Dominican Republic – regularly receive threats, and still others – including the family of 19-yr old murdered Claudina Velasquez - are pursuing justice for their daughter.

Each year we’re always overwhelmed by the amount of support that British supporters express to those featured in this campaign. Thousands of cards have been sent in the past to Zimbabwean women’s right activist group, WOZA, and to Nigerian prisoner, Patrick Okoroafor. Recipients of the card have in the past expressed their gratitude and have told us of the positive impact that these cards have had.

Azerbaijani journalist Eynulla Fətullayev, who was featured in last year's Campaign, received over 11,000 cards and letters from all over the world!

His family sent a note of support and thanks to all who sent appeals and messages of support, saying that whenever they visit Eynulla  in prison, they brings bag-loads of the mail that has been sent to him.

By far and away, getting involved in Amnesty’s Greetings Card is a small but a worthwhile gesture.  In fact, sending one of these cards may be one of the most worthwhile cards you send anyone all year.

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