All shook up

Other stuff in the news today is that horrific video posted on the Internet of two men being killed execution style. Detail of the killing is absolutely appalling but thankfully the videos been removed from


The level or race hate crime in Russia has really rocketed over the past few years.  According to Amnesty, in 2005 28 people were killed and 366 were assaulted because of racist attacks. Amnestys condemned Russian authorities for failing to properly investigate these crimes, and for their own discriminatory practices .


 Zimbabwes also in the news today as leaders of Southern Africa states are meeting to discuss among other things that countrys worsening situation.


 Just last month, Amnesty revealed that women and children have been beaten and tortured for standing up against the government. Click here to support Women of Zimbabwe Arise a grassroots organisation which campaigns for better conditions in that country.


And finally, if you ever needed a day to get out those blue suede shoes, its today!  Thousands of Elvis fans are travelling to Graceland to pay their respects as they mark 30 years since the King of Rock n Roll died.


I have to say that although he was before my time, Elvis sought to break the mould  in American music. Drawing on a lot of rhythm and blues  vibes and mixing it with country, Elvis dared to set out to appeal to both black and white Americans. (Some would argue that he borrowed a lot of songs sang by black artists  but lets save that for another day).


  So in honour of both Jesse Stone and Elvis Presley, Im going to shake rattle and roll  all day today in my blue suede shoes!


 Til the next time!


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