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42 days: is this parrot dead or just resting?

Is 42 days ‘politically dead’? Nick Robinson of the BBC says so, and the UK political blogosphere have all reported as much – though most are just reiterating what he said.

If its corpse still seems to be twitching it may just be because it’s still being flogged by Number Ten, who are resolutely ‘standing firm’ on proposals which seem to get a new kicking every time they’re discussed (today it’s a senior policeman saying they’re unworkable).

It’s widely believed that the Lords – who have already savaged the proposals to extend detention without charge limits for suspects in terrorism cases – will tear them to pieces next Monday. We’ll keep campaigning until we know that 42 days is dead and buried – there’s still the chance that the Parliament Act could be used to force the plans through. Sign our petition at days.

On a more frivolous note, tenuously linked via the 'Parrot Sketch', I experienced one of the many perks of this job on Saturday as I got to work backstage at The Secret Policeman’s Ball, rubbing shoulders with the likes of Eddie Izzard, Alan Carr and Mitchell & Webb. I was looking after a (very nice) crew from Channel 4 who were getting behind-the-scenes interviews for their website. Not a bad way to spend your Saturday night (though I wish I’d been able to sit back and watch it all).

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