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Where is Iran heading with so much violoence?

On the 4 November 1979, the US Embassy in Tehran was occupied by a group of students and its staff and guards were blindfolded and detained in protest to the US policies towards Iran in the past. The detainees were kept for more than 400 days until the two countries reached a deal. No matter how much the occupation of an embassy which is considered the soil of the relevant country is a wrong act and no matter of the consequences to Iran, (among which the 8 year Iraq war which was supported by the US and which ruined parts of south-west of Iran and killed and maimed more than one million), every year on this day, the Iranian regime holds rallies and demonstrations to mark the day as a triumphant over the 'Great Satan'.

This year the situation was different. The regime gathered its usual supporters and  brought students by buses from various schools to show that it has a grip on the situation. But the majority of the people who have experienced 30 years of misery under this theocratic regime and are fed up with it took to the streets to show their opposition to it including the occupation of the US Embassy.

The people, students, women, workers and members of the civil society along with the ordinary men and women in the big cities such as Tehran, Esfahan, Shiraz and Tabriz poured on the streets in their thousands to demonstrate their objection to the policies of terror, intimidation, corruption and deception under the banner of Islam.

Yetreday, Mehdi Karubi, the presidential candidate and the brave clergy who exposed cases of rape in prisons was attacked by the militia andtwo of his bodygaurds were taken to hospital and he had to leave the demonstration. Habibollah Peyman, a respected intellectual and politician was also attacked and beaten up along with his wife who was also attacked. Mir-hossein Mousavi was kept under house arrest and prevented from attending the rally altogether. So far no one is sure of the number of those who were detained by the militia and the plainclothes security men but the following names have reached us:

1-Vahideh Mowlavi (university student), Shiraz.

2-Ali Mashmouli, (university student), Esfahan.

3- Ali Asadolahi (Poet & student), Tehran.

4- Behnam Nikfar (student ), Tabriz.

Also, we were informed that in Tabriz the number of detainees are far more than one. Today, a lot of families have gathered in front on a police station to get news of their loved ones.

To give you a better picture of how the Islamic regime deals with its own people who attend peaceful demonstrations, please watch the follwing video.

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