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Wave of arrests of activists and students continues

Change for Equality: In recent weeks, the pressure on student activists has intensified with scores being arrested. The following news provides information on only a few of those arrested.

Mahdieh Golroo Student Activist Arrested along with her Husband Saeed Lailipour

HRNA: Mahdieh Golroo a student and human rights activist working with the Human Rights Reporters HRNA, was arrested along with her husband, Saeed La’lipour on December 3, 2009 when approximately 10 security forces stormed their home. The security forces who came to the house at 7 am, searched the property and seized the personal belongings of the couple, including their computers, pictures, books, and CDs. The couple have since been transferred to Evin prison. Saeed La’lipour is reportedly in the Quarantine ward of Evin Priosn, but there is no information about the whereabouts of Mahdieh Golroo within Evin. Mahdieh Golroo had recently been sentenced to a one year suspended prison sentence, for conducting interviews with foreign sites and in relation to her writings. She was charged with the spreading of propaganda against the state.

Milad Asadi, Majid Tavakoli Student Activists Arrested, Abbas Hakimzadeh Still in Prison

Milad Asadi a student activist and a member of the Central Committee of the Student Organization, Office to Foster Unity, was arrested on December 1, after his home was searched and personal property was seized. According to Amir Kabir News site, three other members of the Central Committee of this Student Organization were summoned to the Revolutionary Courts on November 30, including Bahareh Hedayat, Mehdi Arabshahi and Farid Hashemi. Abbas Hakim Zadeh, another member of the Central Committee of this Student Organization was arrested on November 18.

Additionally, Majid Tavakoli another member of the Central Committee of the Office to Foster Unity was arrested on December 7, after the protests at Universities planned in commemoration of the National Day for University Students in Iran, which turned into protests against the government. According to published reports, Tavakoli gave a speech on this day during the protests

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