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Stop the killingfields in Iran

Statment by International Coalition against Violence in Iran in condemnation of recent public executions


In a time that the increasing number of countries have abolished capital punishment, cases of executions are on the rise in Iran. Shocking news of the execution of young people has scared the conscience of many. While the Iranian society rejects violence the Iranian government has escalated its animosity to the people by the rapid pace of executions.International Coalition against violence in Iran (ICAVI) believes that violence reproduces violence. The creation of killingfields by the Iranian regime bears no fruit but vengeance and hatred. The Iranian judicial system in cooperation with the intelligence system issues death sentences on unfounded grounds and in the lack of any regards to the human rights or indeed existing laws in Iran . ICAVI  expresses its objection to any act of violence; of arbitary arrests, torture while in custody, unsubstatiated charges and rulings, especially death warrents. ICAVI believes that the escalation of executions in recent months aims to create the atmosphere of terror and act as a deterrant to stop people demand their rights. We once again condemn the horrific acts of executions by the Islamic Republic which is a signitory to the UN Human Rights Charter and demand:An end to the death warrents on grounds of Moharebeh (against God) which in fact is intended to keep the atmosphere of terror in the society.A stop to the rulings of lengthy sentences against human rights and civil rights campaigners and set them free from detention.Guarantees to the safety of those who seek the non-violent path to demonstrate their demands.  End

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