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Stockholm goes Green


 On Sept 5, Stockholm was the host to the two kilometre Green Scroll which was signed by thousands of Iranians stating that "Ahmadinejad is not Iran's president." The scroll was made of tens of pieces of green and white materials which were sent from around 200 cities, first to Paris, where a committee of young Iranians put them together and displayed it in Paris on July 25 for the first time. Stockholm was the second place and then it is New York on Sept 23, when Ahmadi nejad is scedulled to appear on the platform of the United Nations and speak on behalf of the Iranian people. The very same people whom he so brutally suppressed since the June 12 elections. People, who came on the streets to tell the world that he has been declared president by rigging the elections and under heavy security aparratus. The video below shows the green scroll demonstration in Stockholm. Sweden has currently the EU presidency and so it is important that Iranians urge the Swedish government to have a tough stand against Iran, not Economic but political stand.

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