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A rape victim in Iran speaks out!

Another case of rape in prison.

Reza Alamehzadeh is an Iranian film maker and human rights campaigner who lives in Holland. Recently, he has started to document the cases of rape and torture in the Iranian prisons by interviewing the victims.

Mehdi Karubi, the defeated presidential candidate has talked to the victims and filed the cases of extreme torture and rape in prisons in recent months. He forwardded some of the files to the attorny general and urged him to bring to justice the prepetrators. He also wrote an open letter to Mr Rafsanjani, head of the Expediency Council which is the highest authority in the country after the Leader.

The result? Some of the victims were interrogated  for hours and intimidated to take back their claims and some have actually gone into hiding in fear of detention once more. The offices of Mehdi Karubi, where he kept the files of the victims were raided a few days ago, the files and computers taken away and the building sealed off! Mr Karubi has kept additional copies of the interviews and files in a safe place anyway.

The above video is about a young man who was detained on the street and taken to an uknown detention centre. He was beaten up and kept in a cell for days before he was taken out, ordered to stripped off and was violently raped, either by a man or an instrument.  He alleges that when he opened his eyes he was in a clinic with a drip. A few days later he was released. During his ordeal, he alleges that he has heard cries of men and women and the threats of guards such as 'go and make her pregnant so that she learns a lesson'!

When released, he went to Mr karubi's office and documented his case and later he was intterogated by some people from the attorney general's offices, where he has been threatened to take back his allegations!

This victim has sent the above video and written numerous letters to Mr Alamehzadeh in Holland indicating that he is now in hiding but he fears for his family who are under immense pressure. Nevertheless, he has asked his case be made public so that the whole world knows of the crimes that are committed in the prisons of a regime which calls itself 'Islamic'.

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