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One prisoner is freed, another is captured!

Another case of abduction in day light!

Last week, the mother of Atefeh Emam, an 18 year old student, whose father has been taken to prison during the recent unrests, made a heartbreaking public appeal to find her kidnapped daughter.  Atefeh was kidnapped outside one of the government offices, where she went to inquire about her jailed father. 'You dad is on his way to the court and will be released soon', she was told. As she stepped out, two men approached her and ordered her to get into a waiting car. Her Chador (the traditional black cloak Iranian muslem women wear over their dress to cover them head to toe) was ripped off from her head, she was blindfolded and her head forced down into the car floor. She was taken to an uknown place and put in a room so small that she had to curl up. There was a cat in the room as well.  Although she was fasting, they didn't give her any food or water for to her to break her fast in time. Some water was given to the cat though. Later, buckets of iced-water were poured on Atefeh's head. She was then taken for interrogation, where someone alleged that she has had unlawful relationships with the heads of the opposition and the political personalities and urged her to 'confess', which she refused. During her ordeal she was once allowed to call her mother from her mobile, to intentionally tell her what is happening to her and once from a public phone.

Meanwhile, her father, Javad Emam appeared in a show trial behind closed doors without his lawyer present. Finally, Atefeh was driven blindfilded to an unknown place and pushed out of the car. The men ordered her not to open her blindfold. She waited for a long while and then opened her eyes to notice that she was in Behesht Zahra cemetrey. It was dusk and for the first time in her life Atefeh had to walk without her Chador in the public with a ripped scarf. She reached the complex, where Imam Khomeini is buried. Once there, she burrowed some coins to call her family and  filled a complaint with the local police against those who have abducted her. It seems that her abduction aimed to put pressure on her father to 'confess'.

Atefeh's mother, a devout muslim has gone public and spoken about the whole saga. The family believes that her abductors were from the revolutionary guard security section (Naja). Ten years ago when a series of abductions and killings spread in the country, similar unknown terror groups were identified responsible. They operated from places in the town of Rey , in the south of Tehran, called the 'Caves'. Atefeh believes that she was being kept in several of these hidden detention places. As yet, non of the security, militia or revolutionary guards  have accepted responsibility for the abduction and the ordeal of this devout muslim teenager. 



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