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One Million Signature Activists under persecution

As the Iranian people intensify their peaceful campaigns against the slamic regime and call for a free and democratic Iran, Ahmadinejad's government, backed by its supreme leader has recently intensified its campaigns of terror, intimidation, detention and mock trials and long prison sentences and even execution for the civil society activists, mainly journalist, women, students and members of ethnic and religous minorities such as the Kurds and the Baluchis and the Bahais.

We reported on the case of Jelveh javaheri and her husband, Kaveh Mozafari who were detained during the after-election campaigns and then released after months in prison, Jelveh was sentenced to 6 months in prison. Last week, both couple were summoned to the special court in Tehran once again. 

More than that and in an alarming attempt which demonstrates the degree of the regime's suppressive attempts to cap the people's demands, most of the members and activists of the One Million Signature Campaign  were summond to the court last week. Among which, Khadijeh Moghadam who has already been banned from travelling and her passport confiscated for "not obeying the police" during a peaceful rally in front of the Palestine Embassy in support of the palestinian people during the Isrealis bombardment last year.

Other activists who have received either phone calls or letters of the summon are: Maryam Malek, Parisa Kakai and some others.

We are deeply concerned about the acceleration of the pressure on women, students and other activists in Iran whose only crime is campaigning for change in a peaceful manner.

We call on the international community to raise their voice against the unlawful actions of a regime which has lost its credibility among the people and finds no way out of the chaos of its own creation but to suppress every voice of opposition.

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