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Iran, a year on after the disputed presidential elections

 Statement by International coalition against Violence in Iran (ICAVI)

A year ago at this time Iranians were preparing themselves to participate in the tenth presidential elections, hoping to select from among the 4 designated candidates a person who would lead them to a life better than they had under the presidency of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.Their hopes were swiftly turned into despair and anger as the results were announced without due course and once again Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was declared the winner and endorsed by the supreme leader in matter of hours after the polls closed. Millions of people poured on the streets and the first question that came to their minds and later shaped into the biggest challenge the Islamic regime has faced since its creation was, “Where is my vote?”The campaign “Where is my vote?”, which was peaceful and non-violent soon turned into violence as the regime’s armed wings; revolutionary guards, basiji militias, security and intelligence forces, street thugs and trained plainclothes armed men attacked demonstrators, beaten them up and in some cases killing them with live ammunition. Neda Agha –soltan a philosophy student was one of the first shot dead on a street in Tehran in front of the world cameras. She soon became the symbol of people’s campaigns. In the course of events of the past year, detaining, kidnapping, torturing and raping innocent men and women and extortion of facts and creating an atmosphere of utmost violence and terror has been utilized by the Iranian regime in order to stay in power. A year on, the number of those who have been detained and kept in various detention centers is unknown. The Iranian regime has not responded to the plight of the Iranians nor has it shown any respect for the international community which has urged Iran to stop the spiraling violence against the people.  In the past twelve months Iranians inside and outside the country have united together to say no to the rulers of Iran who have no regard for their dignity, humanity and rights as citizens. The majority of world nations and governments have supported the plight of the Iranian people. International Coalition against Violence in Iran (ICAVI) was born to seek the non-violent path which is the wish of millions of Iranians. Iranian people demand nothing but democracy, freedom, human rights and the rule of law in correspondence with international protocols and conventions. ICAVI condemns the spiraling violence, detention, torture, kidnapping, and ultimately execution of people on unfounded charges. ICAVI calls on the international community to support the Iranian civil society of journalists, human rights activists, writers, lawyers and those who are constantly under threat; ethnic and religious groups, women, students, workers and their families.

To mark the occasion, ICAVI has joined forces with a number of other human rights organizations for a week-long campaign through various events in London, UK.Wednesday 16 June is dedicated to women of Iran who have played a major role in the movement for democracy, freedom, and a non-violent society.

Details can be viewed on ICAVI 

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