How long can the wave of terror last?

November 4 was the anniversary of the occupation of the US Embassy by the so called 'Students Following the Imam's Path'. Every year, for the past 30 years the Islamic regime holds official rallies in front of the embassy building in Tehran to mark the day. This year the situation was different. Most of those students, now middle aged men, are either in prison or in the opposition camp. The new president was selected by the supreme leader through an election-coup which denied the right of the other candidate who seemed to be the official winner, resulting in the continued demonstrations and campaigns by the people throughout Iran.

On November 4, thousands of opposition groups and individual poured on the streets of most Iranian cities chanting slogans which indicated their deep dissatisfaction with the present situation and a wish for democracy, the rule of law and freedom in all forms and shapes. The Islamic regime confronted the people on every corner of every street throughout Iran, beating the peaceful demonstrators; women, men, young, old and even the passerbys and throwing tear gas and pepper gas indiscriminately.

According to Reporters Without Borders and International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran, on November 3, a number of activists and journalists and students were taken away from their homes and work places before hand, including Nafiseh Zare ~Kohan, independent journalist and her husband Hojat Sharifi,  Mohammed Sadeghi, Ali Parviz and Soheil Mahmoudi all in Tehran and Koohzad Esmaili in Gilan.

On november 4, Hassan Zeidabadi, France Press reporter was taken away by security personnel and his camera and mobile phone confiscated. Among the detainees are Hadi Heidari a caricatourist and Negar Sayeh journalist, whose husband has already been detained on a raid to the house of one of the reformist detainees while praying for the release of the those already in prison.

Today, November 6, about 50 families have gathered in front of Vozara detention centre in Tehran to prevent their loved ones being transferred to Evin prison. According to ICHRI in Shiraz, 20 and in Mashad 10 people have been detained.

A human rights lawyer informed us that some of the detainees might have been transferred to a centre in Veramin, a town in the outskirts of Tehran which is known to be as notoriuos as the Kahrizak centre, where 3 were killed and a number of detainees were raped and sexually assauletd in the summer.  

We call on the international community to raise their voice against the suppresion, detention, kidnapping, torture and the killings which has intensified in recent months throughout Iran. Peace and stability in Iran means peace and stability in the whole region. Help us to bring freedom, peace and democracy to Iran and stability and peace for the whole Middle East region.

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