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Fariba Pejouh

Fariba Pejouh, a journilist who has been kept at the Evin prison for many months is in ill-health. Her mother has recently been able to visit her. She said Fariba seemed very thin and confused. She has been on hunger strike agaibnst her harsh conditions and the uncertainty of her situation. She had to break her strike due to ill-health. She told her mother she cannot sleep at night not even with 7-8 sleeping tablets. Her anxious mother is pleading with the international community to support Fariba and other political prisoners to get them out of jail. The Iranian regime is accelerating its suppression of the civil rights activists especially women and reporters and journalists. The families of the prisoners gather at various places on weekly basis to demand the release of their loved ones. They are often supported by civil rights activists who want a stop to the suppressing machine which has accelerated since the June presidential election-coup.

Please help us free Fariba and other prisoners of conscious from the notorious Iranian jails.

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