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Explosions at the Evin Prison

 Families of political prisoners demanded explanations

Source: Kalameh website

In a letter to Tehran’s prosecutor, Jafari Dowlatabadi, families of  political prisoners have demanded explanations regarding the explosions which were heard and the flames which rose from the Evin prison.

The letter reads:

Your Excellency, Jafari, DawlatabadiGreetingsOn 3 July (13 Tir 1389) 2010 prisoners were frightened by the sound of loud explosions in the prison compound and which was even heard throughout the areas near the prison and the flames and smoke seen from a distance. Some of the prisoners were still in shock when their families visited them. We tried to pursue the matter without the involvement of the media. Since we did not receive any response from the prison authorities we are sending you this open letter and urge Your Excellency to investigate the matter and inform us of the matter which is extremely worrying for the families whose loved ones are already suffering from ill-health in Evin due to poor diet and unhygienic conditions. Your HonourWe are grateful for the positive steps you have taken so far for the political prisoners. We urge you to send investigators to Evin to investigate the recent explosions and to inform us of the outcome. We expect that the judiciary and your Excellency give guarantee to the safety of our loved ones who are already suffering In Evin.

Families of political prisoners


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