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On the Eve of the NoRooz, Iranian New Year

Tehran's general attorney informed the world that they have arrested 30 people in connection with the 'Syber War' the US and the West have waged against Iran by allocating a budget to promote the internet services for the Iranians. Among the media, Radio Farda, Radio Zamaneh and VOA and an organisation, Iran Proxy have been named as the recipients of money from the US. This is against the fact that the Iranian regime has allocated a huge budget to censorship the voice of opposition, filtering and hacking sites and blogs even outside the country such as twitter under the name of 'Iran's Syber Army'.

These days as opposition against the regime intensifies even in silence, no one is safe. The security forces knock at every door and always in the middle of night in order to create more frightful scenes. They detain one member, ransack the house and threaten other family members and take away their child, husband, wife, daughter or friend. On some occasions they raid neighbours' homes and ransack their places as well.

On the eve of the Iranian New Year which will begin on 21 March, hundreds if not thousands are kept in prisons across the country. The Iranian government is carrying out the policy of detaining people, torturing them and keeping them in solitary for a long time and then sentencing them to prison terms without the presence of lawyers. Sometimes they demand heavy bail for the prisoners' provisional release. This means that as soon as they come out and speak out or write an article or do anything which is considered anti-government they will be taken into custody.

Yesterday, 3 prisoners, Lili Farhadpour from Mothers for Peace, Vahid Pour -Ostad and Somayeh Momeni were released. But in addition to the 30 people mentioned above, 3 more people were detained as well. Emad Behavar member of the Youth Section of Freedom Movement was taken into custody for the 4th time this year. The security guards went into his house, ransacked it and verbally abused other members and took personal items with them. They then entered neighbours' houses and ransacked their places as well.

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